SKaGeN invites you to “WatchApp # 1: Emmi & Leo”, a voyeuristic performance that does not take place on a physical scene but on a virtual stage via the ubiquitous application, WhatsApp.

This project is an innovative way to stage theatre in these strange times. The virtual world plays an increasingly important role in the lives of all of us. It is in this virtual world that the two main characters, Emmi and Leo, meet. And you can secretly watch their WhatsApp conversation.

Two people happen to get to know each other via WhatsApp: Emmi tries to get rid of her subscription to the lifestyle magazine Skagen. But she's dyslexic, swapping two numbers in the phone number, and ends up with a certain Leo. This accidental acquaintance takes place during the corona quarantine in Belgium. You witness the budding friendship, developing through their WhatsApp conversations. But the virtual world is not the real one ...

As in a play, time is a very important factor in this new form of drama. In and out of time, often during the day, sometimes at night, one sends the other one a message. You can secretly watch. It is addictive. You always look forward to the next message ...

WatchApp # 1 is the first in a series of social network performances and is based on the novel Emmi & Leo by Austrian author Daniel Glattauer. SKaGeN does what it does best, and transforms this clever, intimate novel into a subtle, voyeuristic dialogue.


The perfomance is in DUTCH. Buy a ticket for the performance via the link. A performance always starts on Wednesday. You follow the story for 4 weeks. You will receive all practical information after your order. You must have a smartphone and Whatsapp to participate. By purchasing a ticket for the "WatchApp # 1" show, you allow SKaGeN to add your phone number to a WhatsApp group and send you performance-related messages. Your number can be seen by the other members of the group. Normally, your name cannot be seen by others. You must adjust your own privacy settings if you do not want your profile image to be visible. The company respects the privacy rules and handles your data with care. After the performance, your data will be removed from the files of the company.

By: Mathijs F Scheepers and Korneel Hamers / Concept: Mathijs F Scheepers / Text: Daniel Glattauer and Ulrike Zemme in an adaptation by Mathijs F Scheepers and Korneel Hamers / Production: SKaGeN & De Studio / Business management & coordination: Korneel Hamers / Software- development & technical assistance: OWOW - the Omnipresent World of Wizkids / Distribution: Thassos & Laurent Langlois / Thanks to: Thomas Sessler Verlag, Wien / With the support of: The Flemish Community & The Studio