Mission statement 2017-2021

In its artistic and social projects, SKaGeN investigates the border areas between civilization and barbarism, in the light of five social characteristics: money, religion, war, politics and pioneering.

It is a great challenge for a company with a long and rich history, to continue to fuel debates or to play a pioneering role in discussions on social issues. SKaGeN finds this one of its most important assignments and therefore constantly weighs its contents and artistic contributions. The company does not shun polemics.

SKaGeN not only makes substantive and formal choices that relate to social and cultural diversity, it also takes effective action. In this way, the company invests time and resources in sustainable socio-artistic projects.

From its inception, the SKaGeN Theater Collective has been in favor of playing the widest possible artistic field and of bringing all styles to the fore:
no genre is us min. Furthermore, the company SKaGeN aims to reach the broadest audience with its artistic and social message.

At the basis of every project is total freedom in artistic form and genre. Form always reinforces our content and message. This means that the company sometimes seems elusive to the outside world, but can always surprise. After 19 years, the members still unanimously choose to display the greatest possible artistic flexibility. This provides artistic and substantive breathing space. The choice to do social artistic work, in addition to our regular course, fits in with that philosophy. The company does not want to get stuck, running on its past.