COMIN’ OF AGE with balls...

Maik and Moh (Chick) aren’t really paragons of social success. Maik belongs to a so-called better social class, but he’s emotionally ignored by his alcoholic mother and his bankrupt, adulterous father. You can’t say Moh's family has been very successfully integrated. They’re hanging somewhere at the bottom of the social ladder. The boys find each other in their common neglect, and decide to break through the loneliness of the summer holidays and go to Wallocheia. The two 14-year-olds steal a worn out jeep and drive south, without a map or a can opener.

This recent novel by Wolfgang Hernndorf is an unprecedented success in Germany, with 29 different productions and 800 performances. Both the book and the theatre versions have been acclaimed for their crystal-clear style, humor, and strong dialogues.

Theatremakers Korneel Hamers (SKaGeN) and Mohamed Bari seize the opportunity to translate this plain and hilarious narrative about socially sensitive topics (origin, failed integration, sexual orientation) to the Brussels - and by extension Belgian - community context...


Concept en performance:

Korneel Hamers, Mohamed Bari & Clara van den Broek

Light and sounddesign:


Costumes & set desing:

Julia Weisbrich


Bart Van Reyn & Le concert d’Anvers

Production on set

Ellen De Naeyer


SKaGeN en Bronks, ism Villanella & DEStdudio, Ism Montagne Maqigue