Two athletes of the mind, a cardinal and a philosopher, are put together by a computer that seems to be God, in a space that isn’t theirs and where rules are different from those in our world. They each believe in a different world view. One with God, the other without. But neither of them succeeds in realising his vision in his personal life. One loses himself in his relationship with the computer, the other is being chased by his past. Do they find purification in the end? Or is that sea of ​​difficulties that life has in store for us just random bad luck?

Valentijn Dhaenens, in the role of atheist incarnate, goes into battle with Mathijs F Scheepers, a grotesque, new Messiah. Together they fight a bitter battle to defend their truths. And to persuade the other, they go far. To the absurd. They deliver their battle in a bizarre test lab. Who or what has put them together and now pushes them into test modules? Is it a computer? God? A timeless and spaceless voice? And what if that voice leaves them?

With Your Kingdom Come, SKaGeN presents a razor-sharp performance that turns out to be both tragic and treacherous.


Concept en performance:

Valentijn Dhaenens and Mathijs F Scheepers

Light and sounddesign:

Pieter Nys & Eric Engels (light)


Barbara Delaere

Production on set:

Karen Van Peel

General Management:

Korneel Hamers

Sales and promotion:

Thassos, Antwerp


SKaGeN, ism Villanella & DEStdudio