Extensive renovations and restructuring affect the medical staff of a hospital. There is an acute, cumulative space problem: the increasing shortage of space runs parallel with an exponential growth of chaos. The staff is packed up in the 'provisional meeting room'. The situation is becoming increasingly confused, and so are the protagonists: What about that eternal renovation? Who actually takes all those drastic decisions? Where lies the bureaucratic monster? Is there a threat of inspection? Or does it all happen in their heads? After all, stress and tension take their toll: the doctors exhibit an increasingly strange behavior in this out-of-control hospital soap.

Nine years after date SKaGeN resumed their graduation project, which they’d made under the guidance of theatre maker Peter van den Eede (De Koe). The title, IO (to be read as the binary numbers 1 and 0), refers to the biotope in which this comedy is set: an environment in which human emotions and actions are analysed in all their measurable components. The non-measurable is, however, creeping back through a fascinating back door.

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