SKaGeN,  Richard Jordan Productions LTD, Theatre Royal Plymouth, DeSingel & Stuk

Created and performed by Valentijn Dhaenens,

SmallWaR employs technology to bring to life stories and verbatim reflections from soldiers and nurses in World War 1. Multiple projection screens that span the width of the stage resurrect the subconscious of the seemingly lifeless, and limbless, soldier who lies in wait in a hospital bed while his nurse stands vigil at his side. SmallWaR draws on this time spent waiting, focusing on the deadlock of warfare rather than the action. Weaving together haunting soundscapes and true testimonies from the fallen, SmallWaR is a powerful and poignant exploration into the repercussions of humankind’s struggle to make peace.

What most struck me in lots of soldier’s diaries was the difference between the sheer excitement and optimism about entering the war, and then not much later the total horror of being stuck in the muddy trenches, fearing to die”— Valentijn Dhaenens

Direction & Performance:

Valentijn Dhaenens

Light & Sound Design:

Jeroen Wuyts

Costume Design: 

Barbara De Laere

Production Manager:

Inge Lauwers

General Manager: 

Korneel Hamers (orig.: Saskia Liénard)


SKaGeN and Richard Jordan Productions, Theatre Royal Plymouth in co-production with STUK, deSingel, De Tijd, Big in Belgium.

With the support of the Flemish authorities.