All ABout Eve

With All about Eve a long wish was fulfilled for SKaGeN: a theatre adaptation of the classic radio play The wisdom of Eve by Mary Orr, which was later filmed as Hollywood classic All about Eve.

All about Eve is about immense vanity, unscrupulous ambition, and insatiable appetite for public attention. About the cruel change of generations and the eternal loss that goes with it.
Eva - sweet, young, and a theatre groupie - worships Margo, an established star on the theatre firmament. Everyone worships Margo, who, however, is mainly at odds with her enemy: time / Time. Wrinkle after wrinkle time / Time puts its signature in her face, making Margo uncertain, and therefore hard to handle. Eva tries to penetrate into Margo’s entourage, and, thanks to her charms, quickly becomes the star’s personal assistant. But what at first seemed dedication might well be ruthless ambition...

Based on the radio play ‘The Wisdom of Eve’, known from the Hollywood classic ‘All about Eve’. SKaGeN was assisted by Barbara Sarafian, Steve Geerts and Sanne Samina Hanssen.


Concept and performance:

Valentijn Dhaenens, Korneel Hamers, Clara van den Broek, Mathijs F Scheepers, Sanne Samina Hansen, Steve Geerts & Barbara Sarafian

Light and sounddesign:

Bart Smans – Tim Clement


Barbara Delaere

Set design

Michiel van Cauwelaert

Production on Set

Inge Lauwers