After 7 years, Valentijn Dhaenens, Mathijs F Scheepers, Korneel Hamers and Clara van den Broek (& guests) are back on stage together.

Six actors come together to rehearse Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, but the play does not live up to expectations. The play turns out to be anything but funny and it also proves confrontational on a personal level. Every excuse is used to avoid performing the play. In doing so, the six actors draw on their private lives, their feelings of being stuck, their personal successes and sensitivities. All are looking for their own victory. It is waiting for a joint triumph. Will the absurd play manage to connect after all?

SKaGeN does not usually play repertoire. Once again, they do not bring this to a happy ending: in their typical manner, this classic is dismantled and transformed into a light but relevant spectacle. SKaGeN's actors, complemented by two guest actors, are back on stage in full for the first time in years. The company thus demonstrates its own need to connect and continue its own legacy.

From and With: Clara van den Broek, Mathijs F Scheepers, Valentijn Dhaenens, Korneel Hamers, Dagmar Dierick ea.

Costumes: Barbara Delaere

Production: SKaGeN & De Studio, PerPodium

With support from: The Flemish Community, Taxshelter for the performing arts.

Playing period:
premiere series from 3 tem 5 December 2024 At De Studio, Antwerp. on tour from 6 December 2024 until 8 February 2025

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