My Debt

The theatre was a ritual once. Audiences participated in a group event. They looked at strange actions they only half understood but which gave them a suspicion of a magical power. That’s the experience the SKaGeN theatre collective wants to approach in 'My Debt': to give the theatre that power again that a eucharistic celebration must have had once.


Upon his arrival in the penal camp, Forlano is revered and reviled by the other prisoners for his glorious crimes. Soon he’ll be wrongly accused of murdering a guard and be sentenced to death. A fellow prisoner guillotines him. Forlano's journey is similar to Christ’s. Forlano is expected, worshipped and sacrificed...

SKaGeN is working with theatrical images and texts from Jean Genet’s Le Bagne, a scenario from 1954 that hasn’t been made into a film. The performance focuses on great symbols that elevate man above his meager existence.


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