Unique spectacle for the public at large.

In the summer of 2012 SKaGeN played their latest ‘on location performance’ Hector Mann and the Fizzy Pop Lemonade Factory in a public park in the city of Antwerp in collaboration with the site specific theatre festival ‘Zomer Van Antwerpen’.

SKaGeN brings their very first live acted silent movie. The audience can see the stage set with actors running around chaotically with their props, AND the film version simultaneously edited and accompanied by live piano.

Our main character, Hector Mann, works at the Fizzy Pop Lemonade Factory. His dream is to become a very rich man. The adventure begins when he meets a blind girl who believes he's a millionaire. Hector falls in love and promises to pay for the surgery that will give her back her eyesight. One boxing match and an operation later, Hector finds himself in his dream house with his lovely wife. Then the story only begins…

This open air production originated from SKaGeN's fascination for the early days of motion pictures. Its silent screen concept has few words, but lots of emotion