CLOSER promises to be a special theatrical experience: the Bourla is transformed into an intimate arena where audiences and actors are almost on each other's lips. Armed with your own smartphone or tablet you can follow the players’ every sigh and movement as if they are standing next to you. Your second screen enriches the theatrical reality in real time. This is how, armed to the teeth, you witness the battle between these four characters.

In Closer, Marber's ruthless vivisection of Alice’s, Dan’s, Anna’s and Larry’s love lives, selfishness and merciless honesty alternate at a blazing pace. The audience is following the foursome through time, with one constant surfacing: an insatiable and above all merciless longing for love and intimacy. To fully enjoy the performance, take a smartphone or tablet (fully charged!) to the Bourla and log in on the Closer app. With the purchase of a ticket you can download the Closer app in advance. That way you can watch the run-up to the premiere from the first row.


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