Till it's over

Till it's Over is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between SKaGeN and the American visual artist Richard Jackson on the themes of civil war, tenderness and revenge.
In a new installation by Jackson, displayed in a museum context, actors Valentijn Dhaenens and Clara van den Broek present a theatrical performance. How do two people deal with the consequences of extreme violence, and what is the lasting impact when time has done its job? Can violence bring us closer together? Do we penetrate deeper into each other and do we get connected despite or even as a result of the violence we inflict on each other?
The installations of action painter Richard Jackson often express a consequence: what remains visible after a powerful physical action?
As performers, Dhaenens and Van den Broek allow themselves to be affected by Jackson's work and relate to the context he creates.
TILL IT's OVER is a collaboration between SKaGeN, Richard Jackson, S.M.A.K. Museum for Modern Art Ghent, C-Mine Genk, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, and Het Toneelhuis Antwerp.


Concept & Play:

Clara van den Broek & Valentijn Dhaenens


Richard Jackson

Technical director

Jeroen Wuyts

General Management

Korneel Hamers


SKaGeN, in colaboration with Villanella / DEStudio



With the support of the Flemish governement 


Will be anounced soon...

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